#21 (Doing my thing)

Today, I continued to work on the task manager dashboard. I went around to each team and discussed with them on what they’ve done so far and if they’ve fixed their issues, which most of them have. I also talked to my Assistant Principal about the class and what I’m doing as the manager and showed her the new social website my class has been using (which is oddly similar to Facebook. I call it Facebook-ish on my phone since I have it bookmarked). Anyways, that’s pretty much what I’ve done so far. The ad was printed and that animation or picture we placed on it is appearing on through the app so yay for that…I’m very tired…


Author: Izzy is Busy

Hello! I'm a high-school who is about to enter the real world (and who is really scared). Here I will tell you about my days in high-school as well as other things. Enjoy! (Also I need to this because I need to get a grade for my class but sshh don't tell my teacher!)

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