#25 (So much time)

So today I continued to  update my task manager dashboard; surprisingly a lot of kids today didn’t have any issues and they were up to task. Everyone was working and they were talking to each other and getting their task done. Seeing everyone work made me really happy because it just shows how dedicated or hardworking the students are. Normally, I just went around and still asked them what they were doing. The 3D team and Design are creating a tutorial and I’ve shown them the slognas they I’ve created. They choose one and they are started working on creating the tutorial. It was a good thing I made several slogans because I wanted to make it appealing. Anyway, afterwards, I went online and voted on the app name. Today was busy for others but for me, it was the same. I just hope I’m not becoming lazy because I do like this class and my role as task manager and it’d be a shame if I did become lazy. That’s all for today. Adios!


Author: Izzy is Busy

Hello! I'm a high-school who is about to enter the real world (and who is really scared). Here I will tell you about my days in high-school as well as other things. Enjoy! (Also I need to this because I need to get a grade for my class but sshh don't tell my teacher!)

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