#55 (How far we’ve come!)

This post is going to a be long one (cause I forgot to do one yesterday) so bear with me people. NOW LET’S GET THIS STARTED!

Over the course of three or four months, my advanced web design class went from being just a normal class to being a professional working place! It feels like time went by so fast for me (since I’m a senior and all) and my class has managed to do some amazing and fascinating things. First, the hololens and the holograms: I got to work with the Hololens and saw how amazing and powerful the gear was and eventually, I was given the chance to work with augmented reality when we came across Layar. My computer vision team created so many augmented reality images for things such as advertisement and the rebus (which I hope went well since after it was done, I went back to my manager/brand ambassador role). Layar was so amazing and it taught how to “fun” it was. Second, all of the 3D models, logos, images and design that were made by the 3D team and design are phenomenal. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I were tasked to create so many designs and work with 3D models. I was very lucky to work with such talented students and it fascinates me on how quickly they get it done. Third, the school website, commercial video and school app. The school website has never so better thanks to the amazing students who’ve worked on it and keeping updated because I know that the website kept having some of its things disappeared and the students have always managed to fix it immediately. The commercial video has been coming along very nicely thanks to our talented student who’s been working on it day and night. I’ve several promos of it and it looks really nice with everyone’s picture in it. Finally, the school app; oh boy this things has been a pain in the butt ever since our back-end person has been working on it since the beginning of the class. Luckily, on these final days, the app was approved after MANY MANY edits later.

This class is truly amazing and it really made me happy to know that we were given a chance to work with Microsoft this year and how we are taking education to a new level. I may not be here next year to be a manager but someone will take place and make our future much better than I did.


#54 (Keeping up)

Well today I did some pretty basic stuff; updated my dashboard and worked on the FAQs which are done and uploaded on Webguyz social media site. It’s getting REALLY hard to work in class because there is about two weeks left for school and I’m fighting my laziness and trying to keep up with all of my school work as well as this class work. I began to listen to music in class while I did work. Surprisingly, it’s kind of not but kind is working. I have to fight with myself during the morning and again, it’s getting harder. Hopefully, my laziness doesn’t get out of hand.


Well the good news today is that the app we were trying to get publish for about three months has now been approved and ready to publish. My colleagues and I are hard at work and we’re doing our best to complete as much as we can before the school ends and regents start. I’ve been adding new questions and going back and editing old questions for the FAQs, which have had their own page made on the Hololens . That’s all!

#52 (Time for a break)

Well since I have a trip tomorrow, all I did today were my basic things. Today, we had new task but they weren’t new to me since the task said to do what I’m already doing. So my plan today was to update my task manager dashboard (which I did but now I need to make a daily response on what’s happening), finished editing the pictures for my colleague (which aren’t working on Layar and even after I changed their image size, the image doesn’t work) and then finally, I worked on my FAQ questions (which I finsied at home but I’m still looking over them to see what I can add). That’s all!

#51 (Multitasking…not really)

Well today I was suppose to work on the FAQ for the hololens but then I had to edit some pictures for my colleague so that they can use it for Layar. Apparently, they’re needed for a textbook which I believe has to do with the hololens instructional pages. Anyway, that needs to be done but I’m really interested in completing the FAQ first because I would like to do something else instead of working on photoshop and Layar because that whole rebus project drove my colleagues and I crazy and I would like to stay away from that whole augmented reality thing and just do something simple that’s all. But yeah, that’s all I did!

#50 (Half way there!!!!!!)

Oh my…usually I update my blog the everyday but apparently, I’m started to slack off. I mean you can that it’s because of seniorites but the weird thing is that previously, I hadn’t slacked off but it might be because I’m getting closer to the end of the year but I’m getting side tracked. The rebus is completed and now I’m going back to my brand ambassador team to work on the final app name, description and FAQ sections which I have found for the Hololens on the Microsoft website so what I’m trying to do is rephrase some of the information on the site and add it to our FAQ. That’s pretty much it.

#49 ( Now what?)

Today, since the rebuses were done, I continued working on other things such as the FAQ and my task manager dashboard. It’s been a while since I went to my other teams or other responsibilities since I was so caught up in doing the rebus. I hope that there aren’t any issues with the rebus because it took a long time making and editing the pieces and it took even longer to find the right .gifs for the sentence. The FAQ is good; I used the questions I first had when I was first introduced to the Hololens and as for the my dashboard, well it’s same old, same old. That’s pretty much it.