#45 (Success!)

So today, my team and I finally got one of the posters done. After the first page was done on Photoshop, we took the image and added the gifs on Layar. What we did was we took the advertisement/instruction page and edited the image a bit by adding “clue #1” and stuff like that. We also made duplicates of the same image and changed them around a bit so that the duplicates can have a laughing gif, telling the person that it’s not the right image they’re scanning. This scavenger hunt is really a good idea but some of my colleagues are hard to work with but I’m willing to work with them because I’m really excited to show this to everyone.


Author: Izzy is Busy

Hello! I'm a high-school who is about to enter the real world (and who is really scared). Here I will tell you about my days in high-school as well as other things. Enjoy! (Also I need to this because I need to get a grade for my class but sshh don't tell my teacher!)

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