#49 ( Now what?)

Today, since the rebuses were done, I continued working on other things such as the FAQ and my task manager dashboard. It’s been a while since I went to my other teams or other responsibilities since I was so caught up in doing the rebus. I hope that there aren’t any issues with the rebus because it took a long time making and editing the pieces and it took even longer to find the right .gifs for the sentence. The FAQ is good; I used the questions I first had when I was first introduced to the Hololens and as for the my dashboard, well it’s same old, same old. That’s pretty much it.


Author: Izzy is Busy

Hello! I'm a high-school who is about to enter the real world (and who is really scared). Here I will tell you about my days in high-school as well as other things. Enjoy! (Also I need to this because I need to get a grade for my class but sshh don't tell my teacher!)

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