#51 (Multitasking…not really)

Well today I was suppose to work on the FAQ for the hololens but then I had to edit some pictures for my colleague so that they can use it for Layar. Apparently, they’re needed for a textbook which I believe has to do with the hololens instructional pages. Anyway, that needs to be done but I’m really interested in completing the FAQ first because I would like to do something else instead of working on photoshop and Layar because that whole rebus project drove my colleagues and I crazy and I would like to stay away from that whole augmented reality thing and just do something simple that’s all. But yeah, that’s all I did!


Author: Izzy is Busy

Hello! I'm a high-school who is about to enter the real world (and who is really scared). Here I will tell you about my days in high-school as well as other things. Enjoy! (Also I need to this because I need to get a grade for my class but sshh don't tell my teacher!)

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