#49 ( Now what?)

Today, since the rebuses were done, I continued working on other things such as the FAQ and my task manager dashboard. It’s been a while since I went to my other teams or other responsibilities since I was so caught up in doing the rebus. I hope that there aren’t any issues with the rebus because it took a long time making and editing the pieces and it took even longer to find the right .gifs for the sentence. The FAQ is good; I used the questions I first had when I was first introduced to the Hololens and as for the my dashboard, well it’s same old, same old. That’s pretty much it.


#47 (Close to the finish line)

So today, I finalized the QR codes on Photoshop. LMFAO I TRIED TO UPLOAD ALL OF THE IMAGES OF QR CODES ON LAYAR AND I TOLD MY COLLEAGUE “Oh, it’s going to work” AND WHEN IT DIDN’T, I WAS LIKE “….what?” SO WHEN I TRIED AGAIN BY UPLOADING THEM ONE BY ONE, IT WORKED AND I WAS “….what?” So today was an adventure for me. I had suspenders on and they’ve been a little hard to …maintain. Luckily, admits of all of the chaos and adventure I was in, I had a chance to update my dashboard. Since we’re almost done, we are trying to perfect the .gifs.


Today, my colleague was really cranky because apparently they didn’t receive their beauty nap and because of this lack of sleep, It was a bit hard working with them today. One of our teachers brought a good point; the paper we were using for the Rebus had to much going on it. There were too many words and nothing about it was eye catching. So, they suggested that we use a QR code as a to grab their attention. So most of the period, we were trying to find a QR code that would work on Layar because most of them weren’t working. By the way, my colleague was doing this so I decided to take a QR code, change up a bit in Photoshop and resize the image and save it as a PNG file. When I had uploaded the image, it worked and I realized that I could’ve done this in the beginning. So my lesson today is not to be bossed around by sassy pants lol.

#45 (Success!)

So today, my team and I finally got one of the posters done. After the first page was done on Photoshop, we took the image and added the gifs on Layar. What we did was we took the advertisement/instruction page and edited the image a bit by adding “clue #1” and stuff like that. We also made duplicates of the same image and changed them around a bit so that the duplicates can have a laughing gif, telling the person that it’s not the right image they’re scanning. This scavenger hunt is really a good idea but some of my colleagues are hard to work with but I’m willing to work with them because I’m really excited to show this to everyone.

#44 (THINK FAST!!!)

Today, we got new task even me lol and although my task were easy, I had to do a lot of things at once. Let’s start with the team leader meeting. The meeting went well, I said what I did and went around the class updating my dashboard. You might be thinking, “hey, your day seems fine” and my response is…just wait for it. As I was updating my dashboard, one of my colleagues told me that I had to do something on Photoshop. I told them that I’ll get on it and quickly finished my update. I then remembered my task and quickly tried to complete it but one of the things I had to do was create FAQ for our website and also add the final app name and app description. Then my colleague told me to quickly do it because we were trying to get our rebus thing done today. Luckily, one of the teachers advised me that I should have someone else do it so that I don’t lose my mind (bless her). So I told my other colleague to edit the poster on Photoshop. While my colleagues worked, I was asked to do a small interview after which, I closed up my things. Hopefully, I can get my things done by tomorrow so I don’t get overwhelmed.

#43 (Riddle me this)

Today in class, my colleagues and I were tasked to create rebuses for the school. A rebus is a like a riddle or puzzle where a word is represented by pictures. So for example, if we want to show the word year, what’ll we’ll do is take a picture of a ear and we’ll add “y+” to it. Anyway, we decided to do something inspirational and we got the pictures to represent our sentence. We decided to get .gifs instead of normal pictures which will add to Layar and create a scavenger hunt for the school. Hopefully, we’ll be done soon with that.