#7 (Another Calm Day)

Today, I didn’t have any new task but I still made sure I did something today because I had to update Ross on the issues the teams we’re having yesterday. I went to the 3D team, since they were the only team having problems, and saw that they didn’t have any issues uploading their 3D models anymore. They even figured out how to add texture to the models by using Maya, which they found tutorials online. The sound team were good and the front-end team were updating the information on the teams. The design team were redesigning the logo since the logo looked bland with the current color scheme. By assisting all the teams, I went back on working to mark the 3D pictures.


#6 (Calm Day)

I didn’t have any new task for today. After emailing Ross about the progress the class and I have made, I was told to check if everyone completed their old task. Overall, everyone did do their task. For some, they had some complications which they talked to Ross about. Afterwards, I went to every team and told them to write a team description on what they did in the class for Joe to put up on the school team site. Finally I helped Ani find some 3D pictures online and helped her edit it. Today was quite calm! 

#5 (Technical Issues)

Today, everyone in class experienced an internet issue; the internet was either too slow or it wasn’t working at all. I was experiencing the internet problem as well and on top of that, my laptop wasn’t fully charged. So throughout the entire period, I had to go back and work on my laptop while it was being charged. However, I didn’t let that stop me from doing other tasks. I went around the class, asking each team if they had  completed their assigned task. I also helped Joe, who is part of the Front-end team, by going around the class asking each student if they had given in the items Joe required. I kept going back to my laptop, checking and hoping that the internet was working. Ten minutes before the class ended, the internet began working. I quickly got on and finished configuring Vuforia to Unity since that was really important. The good thing was that the students kept themselves occupied but I’m worried about my next task because although I had configured Vuforia, I do feel like I haven’t done the task I was meant to do. Maybe this is just me worrying about something small but just in case, I’ll see what’s done and what needs to be done. Overall, the class today went well!

#3 and #4 (The Big Day!)

Yesterday in AWD, we had to wear formal clothing because we were going to be observed by several important people (It was frightening). They wanted to see how the class was doing and since it was on a Thursday, the day where all the team leaders come together with Ross and discuss our progress in our teams, they were able to see how productive the class was (It’s a good thing I didn’t go first). While we everyone was talking in the meeting, I helped Ani with her computer vision image, which we had created two days before, so we can show to the people what we’ve created so far (We couldn’t do it on my computer because it was shutdown and Ani’s computer was open and it was closer so yeah). After everyone has finished speaking and went back to their teams to do their task, I talked with the two gentlemen and made sure I made a good impression since most of the responsibilities fall on me (I didn’t stutter, thank goodness). Afterwards, I was designated to create another team called Broad Ambassador, which is a sub-design team. So I choose two people from the design team and began working on our task. The next day, I was assigned by Ross to type up a list to show Ross which person is in what team. This task surprisingly took me awhile to finish, I’m not exactly sure why. Afterwards, I began to finish my task from yesterday and see which work I would need to do at home (There’s a lot). Also, I informed everyone that if they hadn’t had their description and image given to Joe, they should do so in class or on their free time.

#1 and #2 (So Far in Advance Web Design)

Recently, I’ve become the manager as well as the design person in my advance web design class. First, we had to download many software’s, some of which I was not aware of. They are some really interesting software and websites I’ve come across. Such turbosquid and remix 3D, both sites which deal with 3D models. Due to other school responsibilities, I wasn’t able to help my design team help create a logo but when I was came back to class, I was able to help choose a logo and a color pallet for the logo. The website, which I don’t remember the name of, had interesting color choices (some of which I were part of my clothing because I have way too many black clothing). Afterwards, I was designated to choose three members for the computer vision team. After making an account (and facing several technical issues), my team and I created some sort of 3D image which we were able to see through an app on the phone. I know I’m leaving out some stuff but hopefully when I remember, I’ll sure to update this post!