#54 (Keeping up)

Well today I did some pretty basic stuff; updated my dashboard and worked on the FAQs which are done and uploaded on Webguyz social media site. It’s getting REALLY hard to work in class because there is about two weeks left for school and I’m fighting my laziness and trying to keep up with all of my school work as well as this class work. I began to listen to music in class while I did work. Surprisingly, it’s kind of not but kind is working. I have to fight with myself during the morning and again, it’s getting harder. Hopefully, my laziness doesn’t get out of hand.



Well the good news today is that the app we were trying to get publish for about three months has now been approved and ready to publish. My colleagues and I are hard at work and we’re doing our best to complete as much as we can before the school ends and regents start. I’ve been adding new questions and going back and editing old questions for the FAQs, which have had their own page made on the Hololens . That’s all!

#51 (Multitasking…not really)

Well today I was suppose to work on the FAQ for the hololens but then I had to edit some pictures for my colleague so that they can use it for Layar. Apparently, they’re needed for a textbook which I believe has to do with the hololens instructional pages. Anyway, that needs to be done but I’m really interested in completing the FAQ first because I would like to do something else instead of working on photoshop and Layar because that whole rebus project drove my colleagues and I crazy and I would like to stay away from that whole augmented reality thing and just do something simple that’s all. But yeah, that’s all I did!

#50 (Half way there!!!!!!)

Oh my…usually I update my blog the everyday but apparently, I’m started to slack off. I mean you can that it’s because of seniorites but the weird thing is that previously, I hadn’t slacked off but it might be because I’m getting closer to the end of the year but I’m getting side tracked. The rebus is completed and now I’m going back to my brand ambassador team to work on the final app name, description and FAQ sections which I have found for the Hololens on the Microsoft website so what I’m trying to do is rephrase some of the information on the site and add it to our FAQ. That’s pretty much it.

#47 (Close to the finish line)

So today, I finalized the QR codes on Photoshop. LMFAO I TRIED TO UPLOAD ALL OF THE IMAGES OF QR CODES ON LAYAR AND I TOLD MY COLLEAGUE “Oh, it’s going to work” AND WHEN IT DIDN’T, I WAS LIKE “….what?” SO WHEN I TRIED AGAIN BY UPLOADING THEM ONE BY ONE, IT WORKED AND I WAS “….what?” So today was an adventure for me. I had suspenders on and they’ve been a little hard to …maintain. Luckily, admits of all of the chaos and adventure I was in, I had a chance to update my dashboard. Since we’re almost done, we are trying to perfect the .gifs.


Today, my colleague was really cranky because apparently they didn’t receive their beauty nap and because of this lack of sleep, It was a bit hard working with them today. One of our teachers brought a good point; the paper we were using for the Rebus had to much going on it. There were too many words and nothing about it was eye catching. So, they suggested that we use a QR code as a to grab their attention. So most of the period, we were trying to find a QR code that would work on Layar because most of them weren’t working. By the way, my colleague was doing this so I decided to take a QR code, change up a bit in Photoshop and resize the image and save it as a PNG file. When I had uploaded the image, it worked and I realized that I could’ve done this in the beginning. So my lesson today is not to be bossed around by sassy pants lol.